Basement Conversions

Moving Down: Basement Conversions in Edinburgh

Do you have a big, wasted basement? Could it be turned into a playroom, home office, gym or extra bedrooms and bathrooms?

Space is at a premium in Edinburgh so basement and cellar conversions are increasingly popular.

Conservation areas and listed buildings can make it difficult to get planning consents to extend your home outwards or upwards, but usually let you extend downwards into the basement.


basement conversion
basement conversion in construction

Our Approach

We can see the entire process through, from planning applications and design, to all aspects of the build.

Our team has converted many basements in Edinburgh into beautiful, useful extra rooms, addressing your needs for extra space and adding value to your home.

But be aware that converting a basement well is not for the faint-hearted. You may need to eliminate damp issues and find creative solutions to natural light. So, you need to deal with an experienced and reputable builder with a long track record of successful basement conversions.

Basement Conversions FAQs

Waverley Construction are fully qualified to install tanking and membranes, which are waterproofing systems that keep water out of your basement, and we can also install pumps. 

This will guarantee your basement will be damp and water free.

Yes, most of our projects run while the homeowner continues to live in their property.  

Yes, you will require planning permission if you want to make you basement into habitable living space, and also for any changes to the external appearance of the property, such as adding lightwells.

As a guide, a minimum height should be 2.4m although 2.6m would be even better. There is no real maximum height but although we would suggest the height should be in proportion to the width.  Too low can make the space feel confined. 

Please be aware the higher you go will have an impact on the price.

Yes. As long as planning consents can be obtained, we can create a basement under your entire footprint of your house, your garden or your boundary.

The initial construction and waterproofing stage can take anything from 8 weeks to 16 weeks, depending on size. 

We will give you an estimated project time along with our estimate and aim to finish before these dates.

To take the stress out of your basement conversion and for a free, no-obligation estimate