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Our electricians have been providing friendly, professional electrical services for decades across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

You can rest assured that we’re fully professionally accredited, including NIC and EIC approved. Whether you need a small electrical issue fixed or a complete, state-of-the-art rewiring, we’ll finish the job robustly and neatly, with careful attention to detail and safety.

Our broad range of electrical services for homeowners and landlords include:

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Electrician FAQS

Did you know that 35% of your electricity use may be wasted so there is lots of scope to reduce consumption and lower your bills?

Helpful research suggests that typical electricity consumption can be: heating (47%); water heating (14%); washer and tumble dryer (13%); lighting (12%); fridge and freezer (4%); electric oven (3-4%); TV (3%); dishwasher (2%); computer (1%). Visit to learn more.

Start by analysing your electricity bill. If you have a smart meter, watch it to understand which appliances are consuming the most electricity.

There are lots of ways that you can reduce your electricity consumption. Here are some suggestions:

  • Turn lights and devices off when not in use
  • Only run your washing when full and keep it on lower temperatures (eg 30C) and shorter programmes
  • Stop using your tumble dryer!
  • Enjoy a shower instead of a bath and have quicker showers
  • Switch off appliances in standby mode
  • Draught-proof windows and doors
  • Install secondary or  double glazing
We all have a lot of electrical appliances. So, your home may need additional wiring or more plugs to cater for your lifestyle. Edinburgh has a lot of old properties. These should have their wiring checked regularly, perhaps every 5 years, and may need to be fully rewired about every 50 years. Read more about our rewiring services.

Electrical fires can occur because of faults with either wiring or an appliance.

Electrical fires as a result of faulty wiring can be caused by damage to the insulation on wiring, allowing wires to contact each other or another conductor creating a short circuit. Fraying, rubbing, corrosion or old age are typical causes.

Electrical fires due to faulty appliances are caused by issues with the appliance’s heating element or overloaded electrical components. These can cause overheating which can lead to them catching fire.

If you see flickering lights (perhaps indicating an overloaded circuit), or if your plugs aren’t working properly, it may be time for a qualified electrician to do an electrical check-up.

Weather conditions and ageing can affect electrical appliances, wiring and circuitry.

Electrical plugs and switches should be checked regularly, ideally every 3-5 years, to ensure they’re safe and working properly.

Yes, old fuse boxes should be upgraded to modern RCD consumer units. These allow you to switch specific circuits on and off easily, meaning you don’t need to replace fuses, and identify areas with electrical faults quickly.

As well as making your home safer, modern consumer units ensure there are no power surges. These may be due to worn wires, faulty insulation, and other problems which could cause fires. All are particularly hazardous for homes with small children and pets.

Electrical surge protectors absorb high power surges through dissipating heat so your electronic appliances are protected.

Electrical surges can occur when power grids are overloaded from high electricity demand, usually in the late afternoons and evenings, or due to severe weather including lightning strikes.

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