Double Glazing Services in Edinburgh

Double glazed windows professionally fitted and finished

Slim-Fit Double Glazing in Edinburgh

Is your home cold and draughty? Are your heating bills going through the roof?

You’re not alone, but we have the answer: we have a double-glazing upgrade service which significantly improves original sash and casement windows by making them energy-efficient.

Waverley Construction will fit the latest double glazing on the market today, at competitive prices. We’ll insert slim-fit double glazing into the original sash windows and fully restore them.

Your double glazed windows are then professionally finished and fitted:

  • Painted with 3 coats of exterior grade paint.
  • Set up with new sash ropes and pulley wheels.
  • Sealed with energy-efficient draught proofing.
  • Finished with Brighton sash locks and ironmongery.
  • Secured with repointing and traditional sand mastic.
Window repair in Edinburgh - Waverley Construction
Living room with traditional casement wood-framed windows

Top-Quality Secondary Glazing in Edinburgh

Is secondary glazing the best solution for draught- and sound-proofing your windows?

Secondary glazing sash or casement windows are perfect for noise reduction, as well as being thermally efficient. It can be an excellent solution if you own a heritage home as planning permission should not be required.

We supply and install a large choice of secondary glazing frames to suit all windows. All our secondary glazing frames are made from strong, slim aluminium.

So, why don’t you instal double glazing to reduce heat loss from your home and start saving money on your astronomical heating bills?

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