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Gas Boiler Servicing in Edinburgh, The Lothians and Fife

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Waverley Construction is Gas Safe Registered, fully insured and dedicated to working to the highest standards.

We do a lot of annual boiler servicing for homeowners, small commercial properties and landlords.

As you’d expect, we also upgrade central heating and install new heating systems, new boilers, and radiators, always with an eye on improving efficiency and reducing your bills. 

Gas boiler servicing

If your boiler and central heating have these issues, they probably need to be serviced:

  • Radiators are slow to heat up and hot water is lukewarm.
  • There are leak stains below radiators or boiler.
  • Boiler is noisy, particularly when starting up.
  • Water pressure keeps dropping (on combi boilers).
  • Pilot light keeps going out or the flame is yellow or irregular.

Gas boiler breakdowns and boiler repairs can also be analysed and fixed.

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